Smokefree Mackenzie District

Building on the success of the Fresh Air project in other areas, the Mackenzie District will commence its own Fresh Air pilot in early May 2019. The pilot is a collaboration between the Canterbury District Health Board and the Cancer Society with the support of The Mackenzie District Council.

The Fresh Air Project Mackenzie will launch in cafes and restaurants on May 6th 2019. The project supports venues to voluntarily implement 100% smokefree and vape free outdoor dining. Canterbury District Health Board and the Cancer Society want to congratulate the venues that have signed up on their decision. By choosing to have smokefree outdoor areas, businesses are helping to support the goal of Smokefree Aotearoa 2025, and protecting both staff and customers from exposure to second-hand smoke, while creating a more pleasant dining environment, that customers prefer.

The Mackenzie District is well-known for attracting tourists with a pristine environment, many outdoor activities, and the opportunity for star gazing in a clear night sky. Smokefree outdoor areas are a natural extension of this.

The Mackenzie District Council has endorsed the government goal of Smokefree Aotearoa 2025, and already made steps towards increasing the number of smokefree outdoor spaces. Fresh Air is a positive step towards Smokefree 2025.

If any venues in the area are interested in joining the Fresh Air Project please contact:

Hazel Guyan                                       or              Michelle Robertson

Community and Public Health                              Cancer Society of New Zealand -South Canterbury

Canterbury District Health Board                     

Tel: 03 687 2929                                                    Tel:03 688 0124