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“A Taste of Smokefree Outdoor Dining"  


The Fresh Air Project is an exciting initiative for the outdoor dining scene! The Fresh Air Project’s smokefree outdoor dining pilot took place over a 6 month period during the summer of 2016/2017. The Cancer Society and Canterbury District Health Board supported 20 hospitality venues all around Christchurch who volunteered to make their outdoor dining areas smokefree.  


Get everything you ordered and nothing you didn’t!


Whilst the initial Christchurch pilot has come to an end,, some new  Fresh Air pilots have taken place. Nelson has been spreading Fresh Air with it’s pilot and up North there is Fresh Air Whangarei ….so why not take a look at the wonderful venues who have joined the Fresh Air movement since we started off.

We welcome any venue who would like to join the movement and is happy to be 100 % smokefree and vapefree.. It’s easy to make the change and you’ll be part of a group that has strong support from the public.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out how to join!

If you have a favourite place to eat and think it would be even better without smoking outdoors ask them (politely) if they would consider being part of the Fresh Air Project, we can help them make the move.


Go on, do it for your kids. Or do it for your friends or family who are trying to quit.

Spread the word... fresh is best!


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