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Think of a pantry in days gone by, a place where great food, good health and nutrition started in a home. It was the food store, the larder, and medicine cabinet all rolled into one. There was space on the top shelf reserved for treats put aside for special celebrations. It really was a place of inspiration alongside function.

I have vivid memories of my grandmother’s pantry, a small room with a 10 foot stud, mighty tall when one is in primary school. It had a meat safe with a wire netting floor. There was a stool to climb up to the top shelf. The bench was neat and tidy, with a bread slicer and bread bin on it. The shelves which were right up to the roof all around, were lined with jars of preserves, there were brown paper bags and cotton flour sacks. It was painted in classic 1960’s colours, and there was sturdy thick lino on the floor.

None of these things were for decoration, they were the things that made Nana’s farming life what it was, thoughtful & resourceful. So tactile and full. Nana always wore handmade, bibtop, pinnies, her hair often in a hairnet; this was her place of work.

We're excited to be able to share The Pantry Door with you, to inspire and be inspired. By nature a pantry is for sharing, it’s a communal thing. A Pantry is seasonal, sometimes it’s bulging at the seams and others it can look a bit like the old storyline says ‘bare like Mother Hubbard’s cupboard’ ....... it ebbs and flows, it’s a living thing.

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The Pantry Door

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